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We develop, produce, and sell motorcycle crash bars, stunt cages, CNC parts, and accessories.
Maybe you haven’t heard about us yet, but R-Gaza designers, managers, and technologists have been already working in this industry sector more than 14 years.

Our strong technological ideas and specific knowledge of materials have become the key factors of the international success of R-Gaza products and have made a small motorcycles accessories factory in Saint Petersburg well-known among hundreds of riders all over the world.

Giving Back
Giving Back

All our goods are produced in Saint-Petersburg, Russia by qualified staff, they are made of the best materials and there’s thorough quality control at each stage of production, so you can be sure in every small detail.
We are proud of our products design and high quality. Through the best technologies, our team hopes to deliver safety and pleasure to people riding motorcycles all over the world and to those who find in it a lifestyle.

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